Induction Training - Per Person

R202.75 Excl VAT
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  • Formal training course
  • On-site: for a minimum of ten (10) and a maximum of twenty (20) attendees per group
  • Half day duration
  • Attendance: public training venue or on user's premises (subject to the client’s location and number of candidates)
  • Register of attendance
  • User input requirements: proposed training date(s) and employee attendees
  • Item delivery: dependent on facilitator availability


The purpose of health and safety induction is to welcome new employees to the organisation and to prepare them for their new role and their duties, with a focus on Occupational Health and Safety. The induction also ensures that employees are informed about the organisation and they are aware of their work as well as responsibilities.

The induction is the starting point for an organisation to introduce a safety culture in the workplace and it forms the foundation to ensure safe practices.


The induction training is intended for all companies that need to train new employees. Health and safety induction training is provided to new employees and it can help employees in becoming more familiar with work activities, responsibilities, their colleagues, operating policies, procedures, and rules.

The topics which must be covered in the induction will vary according to the employee’s role and the organisation’s own safety requirements. However, some of the following are common safety induction topics that are covered:

Hazards and risks found in the workplace.

Special equipment, including PPE, which may require additional training.

Safe work procedures.

Work health and safety legislation.

Emergency procedures, and

First aid and other emergency contacts.


When employees have not had effective health and safety induction, they tend to have a higher tendency towards negligence and non-adherence to health and safety rules and regulations. In addition, these employees are also prone to injuries and fatalities as a result of misinformation or inadequate knowledge that they need to deal with any hazards they may encounter in the workplace.

A proper health and safety induction can help in achieving the following:

Promote a healthy and safe working environment for all employees.

Help employees understand the values and behaviours associated with the workplace culture.

Ensure adequate knowledge of where emergency procedures are concerned such as where emergency exits are located, what evacuation instructions to expect, and where assembly points are located.

Provide adequate training on First Aid as well as emergency protocols.

Provide knowledge on the proper handling of equipment, tools, and machinery.

Provide an understanding of critical government legislation, regulations and company policies.

Help employees transition more smoothly to the organisation's and adjust to their new roles and positions.

Help workers know what their work responsibilities and limitations are.

Ensure that employees are educated regarding company policies against any harassment, victimisation, and any other critical policies.

Ensure that employees' rights and benefits are in place.

Drive improvement in both productivity as well as the quality of work.


Induction training must be conducted as soon as possible when a new employee arrives and should be revised annually if anything changes. The training should be documented and all persons attending the training should sign a register of attendance, which should also be signed and dated by the person conducting the training.


The cost of the induction training is R160.00 Excluding VAT per Person.

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