Task Based Risk Assessment Communication - Per Task

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  • Formal communication of 10 task risk assessment (TRA) tasks
  • Customised to suit company requirements
  • Conducted at user's (employer) premises
  • User input requirements: proposed risk assessment communication date(s)
  • Item delivery: dependent on consultant availability for conducting the risk assessment communication


This task-based risk assessment communication is conducted to communicate details of tasks in the task risk assessment (TRA) to employees so they are made aware of hazards and risks that they might encounter in their workplace. In doing this, workplace safety is improved as employees are able to take appropriate measures to ensure they conduct work safely and also protect their health.


This task-based risk assessment communication is intended for all companies who are required to communicate their risk assessment or refresh risk assessment details within their organisation.


This task-based risk assessment communication is important because it communicates important health and safety information to employees in the workplace. The task risk assessment (TRA) provides details of identified hazards and their associated risks. It also includes details of the relevant control measures that are required and are in place to mitigate these risks. By communicating these important details to employees, employees are made aware of these and are able to take reasonable measures to ensure they work safely and remain healthy around these risks. In this way, employees work safer and the chances of incidents occurring in the workplace are greatly reduced.   

This provides evidence to an inspector that hazards and risks are being identified by the organisation and pro-active efforts are being undertaken by the organisation to ensure that employees work safely in the workplace. A risk assessment is mandatory under section 8 of the OHS Act and the availability of its communication shows that the employer is complying with this legislation in respect of risk assessment requirements.


This task-based risk assessment communication must be conducted by a person who is competent to do so and who has been appointed to carry out the task. The task-based risk assessment communication must be documented; all employees attending the communication session must sign and date an attendance register and this must be dated and signed off by the person conducting the communication process.

The document must be filed on record and must be available to any interested parties who wish to view it.


This task-based risk assessment communication is costed per task to be communicated which means the displayed cost is per task communicated. For example, if a user requires10 (ten) tasks to be communicated, the order should be made for the total number of tasks to be communicated:

Task-based risk assessment communication requires 10 (ten) tasks to be communicated = 10.

Cost of order = 10 x cost per task communicated (add this product 10 times in the SafetyShop).

The order consists of the communication of 10 tasks or 10 sessions of task communication

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