Working At Heights: Fall Arrest Systems - Per Person

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  • Formal training course - Basic Working at heights level 1 – Per person
  • On-site facilitation: a minimum of four (4) and maximum of twenty (20) attendees required per group
  • Public venue facilitation: please contact us directly for further details and pricing
  • Aligned to the registered unit standard, ID 229998 (Unit Standard Level 1) with 2 credits
  • Certificate of competence
  • User input requirements: proposed training date(s) and employee attendees
  • Item delivery: dependent on facilitator availability


This course is Basic Working at Heights Level 1 and is the starting point for anyone who will be doing Working at Heights training.

This course should be done by employees who are conducting any work at height in the workplace, where there is a risk of injury from a fall from height.


This course provides evidence that persons working at height in the workplace have been trained on fall arrest systems and are competent to use these when working at height. Attendees will be able to follow fall arrest principles to perform work at height safely, while under the supervision of a qualified supervisor.


This course includes the following important aspects;

Demonstrating basic knowledge of fall arrest legislation.

Demonstrating basic knowledge of the limitations of a limited range of fall arrest equipment.

Inspecting, assembling and storing fall arrest equipment in the workplace.

Selecting suitable anchor points for fall arrest equipment.

Using fall arrest systems with a double lanyard, including energy-absorbing lanyards, v-type and double-legged lanyards and double lanyards.

Using pre-installed vertical and horizontal lifelines.


This course is available for on-site facilitation where a minimum of four (4) attendees are required to facilitate the course.

Where the training may involve less than four attendees, training at a centralised or public venue can be arranged. For more details about this, please contact us directly:

Telephone: 010 980 0526

Email:  /  /

Online chat: use our online chat function to chat to us directly.

The course programme includes facilitator presentations, readings, individual activities, group discussions and skill application exercises.


Attendees who are determined to be competent will be able to:

Explain the use and limitations of a limited range of fall arrest equipment and fall arrest plan.

Inspect, assemble and store fall arrest equipment in the workplace.

Select suitable anchor points for fall arrest equipment.

Use fall arrest systems with a double lanyard.

Use pre-installed vertical and horizontal lifelines. 


Successful attendees will receive a certificate of competence.


Working at Heights: Fall Arrest Systems is aligned to the registered unit standard, ID 229998 (Unit Standard Level 1) with 2 credits. Attendees will be assessed against the outcomes of the unit standards by completing a knowledge assignment that covers the essential embedded knowledge stipulated in the unit standards, and by compiling a portfolio that demonstrates that you know how to apply the learned knowledge to your daily tasks.

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    Alicia Guy - 12:07pm on Tuesday 16th August 2022
    100 out of 5

    Training was scheduled and Facilitator was thorough in the course. Enjoyed the practical - Did not have PPE , however the Training center had spare and I could still complete the Practical Awesome Training and Services!

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