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  • Formal safety file
  • Customised to include company logo
  • Specific to site requirements
  • Includes all documentation required for compliance with legislation
  • Item delivery: usually 10 - 15 working days


This file is also known as a 'Contractor Health and Safety File'. It is a record of information that focuses on the management of health and safety by contractors and subcontractors on work sites such as construction sites or a client's premises. It is 'site-specific, meaning it is only relevant to the site it is used on. It is compiled based on the client's and the site's safety specifications.

The content of the safety file must be maintained for the duration of the project and must be communicated to all persons working on the project in order to ensure that all persons are aware of and conform to the health and safety requirements of the project.


This file ensures that all relevant health and safety details and information required to ensure all contractors and subcontractors work on a client's worksite (or premises) safely, is consolidated into one main point of reference.


This file is important because it contains all the health and safety aspects required of contractors and subcontractors while they are present on the site (or premises) in order to ensure health and safety are maintained. It provides details of the risks and hazards involved in the work being done and provides details of the measures that must be in place before the work begins in order to ensure the work is conducted under healthy and safe conditions. In this way, the file provides evidence to an inspector that proof of compliance to safety specifications in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its Regulations is being complied with by the employer.


The safety file consists of some of or all of the following details:

Contractor scope of work and organogram.

Legal appointments.

Letter of Good Standing (LOGS).

Contractor rules and written agreement.

Important employee information.

Certificates of Fitness (employees).

SHE induction.

Training matrix and schedule.

Risk assessment and risk matrix.


This file must contain all mandatory health and safety requirements, as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its Regulations. The file must be kept on-site, maintained so it is up-to-date and must be made available to an inspector or other interested parties for viewing. 

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