Signage Register - 101 to 200 Safety Signs

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  • Creation of signage register
  • Applies to up to 200 (two hundred) signage items
  • Easy to use and easy to access
  • User input requirements: company signage information to create register
  • Item delivery: usually 50 - 60 working days


The purpose of this signage register is to list all safety signs that are used on the premises to convey safety messages to persons on these premises so these are documented and can be used as a reference and managed correctly.

This signage register is designed for registering large quantities of safety signage on the premises, whose count is greater than one hundred (100) and up to two hundred (200) signs.


This signage register is intended for all companies who wish to document and control any safety signage they may have on their premises.


This signage register is important because it lists all safety signs that are used on the premises to convey safety messages to persons on these premises. This provides responsible persons (such as signage inspectors), employees and other relevant interested parties (for example, contractors) with important information safety signage on the premises.

The register lists safety signs, their types, the quantities present, their location on-site and records of any remedial actions taken. Safety signs making up the signage register may include fire signage, general information signage, warning signage, mandatory signage, prohibitory signage and photoluminescent signage. 

The register must be made available to responsible persons, employees and other interested parties so they can be made aware of what safety signage is present on the premises and where it can be located. It also provides evidence to an inspector that the organisation is pro-actively taking steps to ensure a safe workplace with respect to safety communication measures being in place and current.


By having this signage register in place an organisation is able to gain the following benefits:

Provide evidence of its compliance with current health and safety legislation.

Obtain a comprehensive list of safety signs that are present on the premises, including their location and status.

Obtain a point of reference for any external parties (such as contractors) to use.

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