Chemical Register - 51 to 100 Chemicals

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  • Creation of chemicals register for hazardous chemicals
  • Applies to up to 100 (one hundred) chemicals
  • Easy to use and easy to access
  • User input requirements: company chemicals information to create chemical register
  • Item delivery: usually 20 - 30 working days


The purpose of this chemical register is to list all hazardous chemicals stored, handled or used on the premises by an organisation so these are documented and are available to employees and relevant interested parties for reference.

This chemical register is designed for registering larger quantities of hazardous chemicals on the premises, whose count is greater than fifty (50) but less than one hundred (100) chemicals.


This chemical register is intended for all companies who use, handle or store any hazardous chemicals on their premises that are not considered as "in-transit" or consumer products.


This chemical register is important because it lists all hazardous chemicals that are present on the premises. This provides employees and other interested parties (for example, fire emergency services) with important information as to what chemicals are present on the premises and what risks their presence on-site represents.

The register lists the chemicals by name, the quantities present, their location on-site and the reason for their presence there. Additionally, the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for each chemical are also included on the register, together with their expiry dates (SDS sheets have a five-year life-span). 

The register must be made available to employees and other interested parties so they can be made aware of what hazardous chemicals are present on the premises. It also provides evidence to an inspector that the organisation is pro-actively taking steps to ensure a safe workplace with respect to the presence of hazardous chemicals. 


By having this chemical register in place an organisation is able to gain the following benefits:

Provide evidence of its compliance with current health and safety legislation.

Obtain a comprehensive ist of any hazardous chemicals that are present on the premises.

Obtain a point of reference for any external parties (such as emergency fire personnel) to understand any hazards they may encounter or have to manage in the event of an emergency.

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