Creation of Health and Safety Policy

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  • Formal health and safety policy
  • Customised to include company logo and details
  • User input requirements: company information to create policy
  • This policy will be provided free to SafetyWallet Subscribers
  • Item delivery: usually 7 - 14 working days


The purpose of this Health and Safety Policy process is to assist a user (employer) in creating a health and safety policy for the user's organisation. 


This Health and Safety Policy is intended for all companies who intend to implement a health and safety policy within their organisation.


This Health and Safety Policy is important because legislation requires all employers to implement a health and safety policy within their organisation in order to drive health and safety within their workplace. This policy formally defines the intentions of the organisation with respect to health and safety, setting out the expectations and details of the intended health and safety culture and determining how the organisation will address any health and safety risk within its workplace. Important health and safety boundaries are defined, details for meeting legal requirements are defined, performance objectives are defined and health and safety values are defined. This provides evidence to an inspector that an organisation has a health and safety policy in place and is therefore complying with legislation in this respect.


This policy must be relevant and appropriate to the organisation and its operations and must be formally signed off by the senior authority of top management. It must be displayed prominently and communicated to all employees within the organisation and must be made available to any interested parties.

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