The Health and Safety Inspection Package

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  • The minimum duration for this Package will be 12 months
  • Monthly - The Health and Safety Inspection Package
  • Access to OHS Online Health and Safety Management System
  • Monthly reports
  • Access to appointment letter templates
  • Access to inspection templates
  • Telephonic support on Department of Employment and Labour queries and inspections
  • Telephonic support with implementing Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • 60 X Monthly Inspections Conducted on site (Additional Inspections may be added to a payment plan for SafetyWallet Subscribers.)
  • Compliance Administration Support


The purpose of The Health and Safety Inspection Package, is to provide an organisation with On-site Health and Safety inspections conducted in the workplace in order to ensure legal compliance to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and to provide a safe working environment for all role-players. 

Inspections are carried out on a monthly basis through the aid of a health and safety practitioner from our Operational Partner, MAKROSAFE Holdings (Pty) Ltd, visiting and liaising with an organisation representative, who requires a regular inspection of essential items and documents, as is required by the risk assessment.

Staying abreast of possible expiring dates or unexpected malfunctions ensures that these items will operate correctly, when required. Inspecting items like fire extinguishers or hydrants, first-aid kits or fire alarms (to give a few examples) demands extensive knowledge and the understanding of their technicalities and functioning. 


These services are intended for all organisations who wish to implement and maintain their health and safety programme within their business in order to ensure these remain effective in addressing health and safety for the purpose of ensuring that all loved ones can return home healthy and safe after work. 


The completion of Health and Safety Inspections is a legal requirement by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Not doing so results in non-compliance to the Act and may result in penalties being awarded to the employer, injuries on duty, production losses, and possibly the death of a person exposed to hazards that could have been identified and controlled/corrected.

Through the health and safety inspection package, the organisation is able to provide evidence to the Department of Employment and Labour (DoEL) of the actions being taken to maintain health and safety within their organisation and so show to the DoEL their commitment to health and safety in the workplace.


Where an employer requires more health and safety components on top of those already offered in this Package, for example, a greater number of inspections to be performed on a monthly basis, these must be obtained from the My Safety Shop website as separate products which can be added to the payment plan, for SafetyWallet Subscribers. Alternatively, an employer may select a different package with a higher volume of items to suit their needs.


Through using these services an organisation will gain the following important benefits:

An understanding of the main health and safety risks prevalent to their organisation and its workplace.

The implementation and maintenance of important health and safety processes in order to ensure workplace health and safety inspections are managed correctly.

Expert advice and guidance on health and safety matters from a leading health and service provider and industry expert.

Monthly support on health and safety inspections and systems. 

Evidence to support and provide to interested parties of actions being taken by the organisation in the interests of health and safety.

Improved Health and Safety Compliance

Improved Staff Morale

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