The Contractor Management Package

The purpose of The Contractor Management Package is to provide an organisation with the ability to implement and maintain effective contractor management.

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  • The duration for this Package will be a minimum of 12 months
  • The Contractor Management Package for up to 30 (thirty) contractors
  • Access to OHS Online Health and Safety Management System
  • Monthly reports
  • Access to appointment letter templates
  • Access to inspection templates
  • Telephonic support on Department of Employment and Labour queries and inspections
  • Telephonic support with implementing Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Customisation of policies and procedures related to contractor management
  • Compliance administration duties
  • 1 X Contractor Baseline Risk Assessment
  • 30 X Contractor Site File Vetting
  • 9 X Permit Management and Control Hours allocated
  • 16 X Hours Contractor on-site Induction Training (Additional must sessions to be held virtually)
  • 16 X Call out hours allocated to package


    The purpose of The Contractor Management Package is to provide an organisation with the ability to implement and maintain effective contractor management, in order to reduce the risks associated with the tasks and activities performed by such contractors on the premises. 


    These services are intended for all organisations who employ contractors.


    These services are important because it assists an organisation in implementing and maintaining contractor management in terms of health and safety on site. This form part of the employer’s duty to provide a safe working environment as well as to promote Health and Safety to all 3rd parties who may enter the site.  At the same time, the employer is provided with expert advice and expertise from health and safety practitioners, gaining important health and safety knowledge and experience while maintaining their health and safety programme.

    Through the contractor management package, the organisation is able to provide evidence to the Department of Employment and Labour (DoEL) of the actions being taken to implement and maintain contractor management within their organisation and so show to the DoEL their commitment to health and safety in the workplace.


    Where an employer requires more elements on top of those already offered in this package, for example, additional site files to be vetted, these must be obtained from the My Safety Shop website as separate products and can be added to the package as a payment plan by SafetyWallet Subscribers.


    Through using these services an organisation will gain the following important benefits:

    An understanding of the contractor health and safety risks prevalent to their organisation and its workplace.

    The implementation and maintenance of important contractor health and safety processes in order to ensure workplace health and safety is managed correctly when managing contractors.

    Expert advice and guidance on health and safety matters from a leading health and service provider and industry expert.

    Support on health and safety matters and systems. 

    Evidence to support and provide to interested parties of actions being taken by the organisation in the interests of managing contractor health and safety.

    Improved Health and Safety Compliance

    Improved Health and Safety Awareness

    Closer control over work where Permits are required

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