Task Based Risk Assessment - Per Task Added

Task Based Risk Assessment - Per Task Added

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  • Formal task risk assessment (TRA)
  • Customised to include company logo and details
  • Includes comprehensive methodology and task inventory with prioritisation of risks and identification of mitigating control measures
  • User input requirements: proposed risk assessment date(s) for conducting
  • Item delivery: usually 10 - 15 working days (following date of risk assessment conduction)


This risk assessment is conducted to determine the hazards and risks associated with a specific task that is being performed. Using a standardised methodology, tasks are placed into a task inventory and potential hazards that may be encountered while performing each task are identified. Their associated risks are determined and quantified to determine their level of risk. Control measures are then determined that, when implemented, will mitigate and reduce the level of risk for each task to an acceptable level.

Based on their level of risk, the tasks are then arranged in the task inventory according to their level of risk from highest risks to lowest risks.

Through the re-arrangement of the quantified tasks, the employer can now concentrate on implementing the control measures for each task, prioritising their efforts on the tasks that pose the greatest risk to health and safety and then working down the task inventory to the tasks which pose lessor risks to health and safety.


This task risk assessment is intended for all companies who are required to conduct a risk assessment within their organisations.


This task risk assessment is important because it determines hazards and their associated risks in the workplace. At the same time, it quantifies these to determine how much risk they represent to the organisation and its operations and details the relevant control measures that need to be put into place in order to ensure that the level of risk is an acceptable one. This provides evidence to an inspector that a risk assessment has been conducted by the organisation and that the organisation has made a comprehensive evaluation of the hazards and risks within its workplace. A risk assessment is mandatory under section 8(2)(d) of the OHS Act and its availability shows that the employer is complying with this legislation in respect of the risk assessment requirement.


This task risk assessment must be conducted by a person who is competent to do so and who has been appointed to carry out the task. The risk assessment document must be approved and signed off by top management and must be communicated to all employees throughout the organisation.

The document must be maintained and reviewed regularly so that it remains relevant and must be available to any interested parties who wish to view it.


This task risk assessment is costed per task which means the displayed cost is per task. For example, if a user requires10 (ten) tasks added, the order should be made for the total number of tasks required for the risk assessment:

Task risk assessment requires 10 (ten) tasks to be added = 10.

Cost of order = 10 x cost per task (add this product 10 times in the SafetyShop).

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