Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) - New SOP

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  • Creation of new formal safe operating procedure (SOP)
  • Customised to include company logo and details
  • User input requirements: company information to create safe operating procedure (SOP)
  • Item delivery: usually 10 - 15 working days


The purpose of this safe operating procedure (SOP) process is to assist a user (employer) in creating and developing a new procedure for the user's organisation in order to provide clear guidelines on how a new task or process must be conducted safely or in a healthy manner.


This safe operating procedure (SOP) process is intended for all companies who need to implement any safe operating procedures within their organisation.


This safe operating procedure (SOP) process is important because it plays an important role in assisting the employer in creating and developing new safe operating procedures for the organisation.

Safe operating procedures (SOPs) provide clear guidelines on how tasks or processes must be done correctly and safely and through their use activities become more standardised in their output, improving the quality of the outcome of the task or process. They provide understanding to employees involved in the task or process, detailing the safe manner in how activities should be conducted and detailing safety or health concerns that could be present when conducting the task or activity. They provide evidence to an inspector that an organisation has safe operating procedures (SOPs) in place and is therefore providing a means of awareness and understanding for employees to work safely in the workplace.


This safe operating procedure (SOP) must be relevant and appropriate to the tasks or process it describes and must be formally signed off to indicate approval from management. It must be easily accessible to employees and must be communicated to all employees who conduct the task or process or who may be affected by the task or process. This safe operating procedure (SOP) must remain current and up-to-date.


This safe operating procedure (SOP) process is costed per new safe operating procedure (SOP) which means the displayed cost is per new safe operating procedure (SOP) required. For example, if a user requires 10 (ten) new safe operating procedures (SOPs), the order should be made for the total number of safe operating procedures (SOPs):

New safe operating procedures (SOPs) require 10(ten) to be created and developed = 10.

Cost of order = 10 x cost per new safe operating procedure (SOP) (add this product 10 times in the SafetyShop).

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