Medical - Full Examination

This full medical examination forms part of checking that employees are fit for their particular work

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  • Full medical examination
  • Conducted by an occupational medical practitioner (OMP) or an occupational health nurse (OHN)
  • Full basic range of medical tests conducted
  • Medical certificate provided (per person and confidential)
  • User input requirements: user to supply proposed employee numbers for examination and confirm their availability
  • Item delivery: dependent on medical facilitator availability


This full medical examination forms part of checking that employees are fit for their particular work. It confirms that they are healthy to work and are free of any illness or other health issues or impairments, that may affect their ability to perform their work tasks correctly and safely.


This medical examination is important because it performs a basic health check (assessment) of an employee. This allows an employer to know if the employee is healthy and suitable to conduct the work that is required of them. This is important because certain jobs may require certain physical capabilities in order for the job to be conducted safely (both for themselves and for those around them). The medical allows these basic capabilities to be determined, allowing an employer to make an informed decision about whether the employee is capable or not and so whether they will work safely or not.

In certain cases, such as in construction work, this medical and its associated Annexure 3 form, are an important requirement to confirm the suitability of construction employees working on-site.

In cases where fitness or suitability for purpose issues may occur, this full medical may be important as evidence to show the workplace suitability of employees for work, where legal concerns or financial claims may be involved. 


This medical examination needs to be completed according to the following frequency:

Entry Medical - Initially, as an entry full medical examination, when an employee either joins the company or prior to when they are due to start the type of work that requires the full medical examination.

Monitoring - A full medical examination should then be conducted on an annual basis to confirm the individual is still healthy and fit for work and has not been affected in any way by the work being performed.

Exit Medical - Finally, an exit full medical examination must be completed when the employee either completes the type of work they are doing or when they leave the company.


This medical examination needs to be completed by either an occupational medical practitioner (OMP) or an occupational health nurse (OHN). A proper certificate must be issued, confirming the test results and the fitness of the individual and this certificate must be kept on record and carefully controlled.

Access to these medical details is strictly limited because they are confidential and personal in nature. Any access by non-authorised persons will need the signed consent of the individual to whom the certificate applies to.


In the hierarchy of controls, this full medical examination forms part of the administrative control measures which should be in place to ensure that employees are fit for the physical work requirements that may be expected of them. This medical examination records the details of an employee's physical appropriateness and suitability and provides evidence of control measure checks for the safe use of persons in the workplace.


This full medical examination (entry medical and exit medical) includes the following;

Physical Examination

Blood Pressure Examination

Eye Test

Lung Function Test

Audiometric (Hearing) Test

Urine Test

Medical History


In certain work applications, further documentation maybe required and may form part of the full medical examination:

Food handling work may require a food handler questionnaire to be completed.

Construction work will require an Annexure 3 form.

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